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Who is the goddess of the hearts of the boys of the 12 constellations?

Believe that everyone in their hearts have a goddess of the shape, each man has a goddess in mind, which more or less represents the different aesthetic views of men. Today, the first constellation analyzes the goddesses in the constellation of 12 constellations according to the characteristics of each constellation. Let’s all have a look!

Is the constellation in the Gregorian calendar or the Gregorian calendar?

Constellation is according to the lunar calendar (lunar calendar) or Gregorian calendar (the Gregorian calendar)?
This is the first sign of many friends will have doubt, sure to say: according to the Gregorian calendar (Gregorian calendar) sign is counted.
Constellation knowledge originates from one of the four ancient civilizations of ancient Babylon, then they will be the sky is divided into many areas, these areas will be referred to as the “constellation”, while the Westerners often said the birthday is the Gregorian calendar (Gregorian calendar), so the sign is calculated according to the Gregorian calendar.
The Babylonians were long term prediction of these constellations, through the observation set the ecliptic, the ecliptic is divided into 12 equal parts, as “the twelve signs of the zodiac”. The twelve house respectively in the 12 sign the name from the vernal equinox, counter clockwise order (Aries) Aries, Taurus, Gemini, cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius (Sagittarius), Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces (treasure bottle seat).
Your sign: the time you were born, the place where the sun passes through the twelve and twelve signs of the zodiac, and that is your personal sign.
Date division of constellation:
ARIES: March 21st / April 20th
Taurus: April 21st ~ May 21st
Gemini: May 22nd ~ June 21st
Cancer: June 22nd to July 22nd
Leo: July 23rd ~ August 22nd
VIRGO: August 23rd / September 23rd
LIBRA: September 24th ~ October 23rd
Scorpio: October 24th ~ November 22nd
Sagittarius: November 23rd ~ December 21st
CAPRICORN: December 22nd / January 20th
Aquarius: January 21st ~ February 19th
Pisces: February 20th ~ March 20th
The dates of the 12 constellations above are in the Gregorian calendar, but are roughly divided. If you only know your lunar calendar, you can always check your solar calendar birthday for ten thousand years.

Ascending constellation query table

The rising sign is the first sign that rises at the border of the eastern horizon and the ecliptic at birth. The rising sign is our outward manifestation of what the world is aware of. As a result, the ascendant sign also shows how you express yourself.
The ascendant sign is the main starting point of the zodiac sign in the natal chart, so the status is relatively important. Ascending signs are the beginning of the first house, and the main influence of the first house is personality; in addition, the first house influences nature, temperament, health, physique, appearance, and personal preference.
If you want to know more about the chart information, want to know the sun, moon, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto constellation constellation constellation, zenith constellation, mercury constellation constellation knowledge, want to know what is a kind of person? Then come here and see, there will be your unexpected harvest.

It’s hard to catch one’s head! Those who are angry for no reason

Emotion is the most strange thing, be the most changeful, untraceable, emotional changes is not know how to control emotions, and some people are very emotional, often with others temper, do not know what in the gas, confusing. Next, let’s take a look at those who have no reason to be angry,
Third place: Pisces
As we all know, Pisces people most love fantasy, like living in a fairy tale world, and sometimes can not even distinguish reality and imagination. Such they, say good point, is pure without scheming, and if said harsh, is cowardly escape, no play. To the world with a great expectations is one thing, but life in addition to poetry and the distance, the more it is in front of struggling. When the gap between reality and fantasy is too great, Pisces will start to be in a mood and start to get angry when they are unhappy.
Second place: Taurus
Steady Taurus is the most tolerant of the twelve zodiac signs. They are afraid of changes. As long as they don’t touch their bottom line, Taurus often turn a blind eye. When the endurance to fight Taurus, is a very terrible thing, but to this kind of thing It is without rhyme or reason. sulking, Taurus can be no less done. Love over them are always a pair of its own is the right way, and when others argue, Taurus will suddenly a person to remain silent, unwilling to say a word.
Number one: Cancer
Sensitive thought cancer has always been very sentimental, and lack of a sense of security people. Because of this, they are extremely anxious for the care and greetings of others. When the discrepancy between reality and imagination, you will start brain supplement each other is not simply do not care, do not care about their own, then one begins to sulk. In fact, you should relax and learn independently, rather than their so-called sense of security trust in others.

Do something wrong will not admit the duplicity which constellation

Person’s life do not know will make many mistakes, in fact, it’s OK to make mistakes, mistakes, as long as you are willing to admit their mistakes, mistakes are not willing to error correction, what’s the big deal, even sometimes can make mistakes as a special experience, can increase the experience for their future path, but just some sign is false, wrong but don’t recognize. Come with jelly fish.
TOP5: Pisces is afraid of taking responsibility
Pisces because not willing to admit that his timid and overcautious, so wrong, because Pisces always feel something wrong, don’t deny Renzhang, others had nothing to do with him, but in fact, this idea is very bad, sometimes just had to admit mistakes, others can understand him, to forgive him for his mistakes, but he is not willing to admit he is wrong, he felt once admitted his mistakes, will face the criticism of others, he is very afraid of criticism, so simply to that are not admit, so you don’t have to face accusations of others, in fact since they have been wrong, want to face, the error is an obvious fact, even if he does not admit. Still have the obligation to correct their own mistakes, you can never hide.
TOP4: Gemini too will.
Gemini too will quibble, sometimes Gemini know what they are doing is not reasonable, but Gemini will not admit they would use chicanery to shirk their responsibility, no matter how you blame him, he always has something to respond, who let the Gemini too can speak, their mouths too can say sometimes is a good thing. Will let others feel that he can do it, really is very powerful, but too can quibble this error, it is not right, do not give a reliable feeling, the next who dare to let him do? Anyway, do something wrong he will not responsible, blame his mistakes, he will choose to escape, everything is a mess, it is better not to let him work better, at least I can save energy not to listen to his excuses, do not listen to reason he made nonsense.

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